Why Licensure is Important

Obtaining licensure provides you with: 

The ability to practice and call yourself a landscape architect

Licensure is required to practice and call yourself a landscape architect in all 50 United States, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Puerto Rico. Regardless of your education, experience or licensure in another jurisdiction, it is illegal to provide landscape architectural services or to use the title “landscape architect” unless you are licensed in the jurisdiction in which the service is provided or the representation is made. Want to practice all the things you are learning in school now and be called a landscape architect? You need to be licensed!

More professional opportunities 

Getting licensed sets you apart from other candidates for jobs. Not getting licensed could limit your career opportunities not only for getting a new job, but even delay timing of starting projects because you may need to be licensed. Getting licensed sets you apart and shows initiative, and could even increase your earning potential, according to the ASLA Salary Survey.

The ability to practice independently 

You’ll also be able to practice independently without supervision or review of another professional. This creates more opportunities for management and leadership. While you may be able to work under someone who has a license for now, many landscape architecture firms are small. Not getting licensed limits the career opportunities for your future.

Equal status with other disciplines 

Licensure is a professional differentiator. You’ll hold equal status to architects and engineers once you are licensed.

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