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Become A CLARB Volunteer!

CLARB's community of regulators thrives and depends on volunteers like you to bring unique and diverse perspectives to advance the organization's mission. From elected and appointed leadership positions to opportunities that exist throughout the year to serve on committees, each role has its own qualifications, responsibilities and time commitments. 

CLARB is committed to seeking a diverse group of leaders for the organization. This includes diversity in perspectives, demographics, geography and experience. 

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Elected and appointed officers help set the direction of the organization and impact the future of regulation.

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This year, the following positions are open: President-Elect (elected); Treasurer (elected); 1-3 Directors-at-Large (appointed).

Nominations are currently closed and will open again in September 2023.
Elected members ensure that CLARB has the most effective, qualified individuals to lead the organization toward its goals. Emerging professionals and those with international perspectives are encouraged to consider these opportunities. 

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This year, the following positions are open: 2 Leadership Advisory Council members (elected).

Nominations are currently closed and will open again in September 2023.
Appointed members help develop content for the L.A.R.E. Click here to learn more about serving on the Exam Committee. Recruitment occurs in the spring via email to eligible individuals.
Appointed members provide board executive input to the organization's goals, strategy, and scope of work. Recruitment occurs in the spring.
Volunteers can provide input to specific strategic initiatives. These opportunities are typically short-term and do not require the time commitment as other committees do. Recruitment will vary as needed depending on initiative.

Current opportunities:

  • CLARB is working on establishing a CLARB Foresight Network (CFN) to explore emerging future drivers, examine orthodox beliefs, and develop plausible scenarios of the future of landscape architecture regulation and practice. The CFN’s work will have direct influence on how the CLARB Board of Directors and staff understand, anticipate, and prepare for the future, and its impact on both current stakeholders and long-term successors. 
LA CES COMMITTEES: Application Review Committee; Monitoring Committee
Appointed volunteers will represent CLARB and help maintain standards for evaluating professional development and continuing education programs.

CLARB is currently looking for volunteers for the Application Review Committee and the Monitoring Committee. Apply today!
Serve as CLARB's representative and help with advocacy efforts involving toolkit development, responses to licensure legislation, and supporting chapters. Recruitment occurs in the spring.
Represent CLARB as a member of the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB) which develops and promulgates the accreditation standards, rules and procedures for conducting the accreditation process for eligible programs in the United States and its territories. Recruitment occurs in the fall.
Questions about any of these opportunities? Interested in learning more? Email Andrea for more information.