Serve on CLARB's Exam Committee

The CLARB Exam Writing Committee is responsible for the continual development and maintenance of Landscape Architect Registration Examination (L.A.R.E.) and other duties as determined by the CLARB Board of Directors.

This group of licensed landscape architects meets in person twice a year to create L.A.R.E. content, build defensible and fair exams, review statistical results and candidate feedback, and ensure that the broad practice of landscape architecture is assessed on the L.A.R.E. during each administration. The diverse team represents a broad range of geographic locations, scopes of practice, years of experience and professional backgrounds designed to reflect the candidate population. 

The committee’s work is led and facilitated by professional psychometricians trained and experienced in the development, administration and grading of high-stakes exams like the L.A.R.E.

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Exam Committee

Annual applications open through July 31

Representation needs by jurisdiction

To ensure the committee continues to reflect the diversity of the licensee candidate population, volunteer applicants representing these jurisdictions are preferred for the upcoming term:

Most needed

  • Alberta
  • Idaho
  • Manitoba
  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming


  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • British Columbia
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Minnesota


    • Mississippi
    • New Hampshire
    • New Jersey
    • New Mexico
    • New York
    • North Carolina
    • Rhode Island
    • South Carolina
    • Utah
    • Washington
    • West Viriginia


    Key duties & objectives

    • Write and develop exam questions based on the L.A.R.E. Blueprint, item writer guide (provided) and exam content resources (provided). 
    • Create graphics, images and/or photos for use on exam questions* 
    • Review exams, exam feedback, and statistical performance data
    • Maintain exam resources list


    • Licensed/Registered Landscape Architect
    • Proficient creating graphics on computer using CADD/or other similar programs and photo editing software such as Photoshop.
    • 5 years of professional experience
    • Access to laptop computer with drafting software* (if this prevents you from volunteering, please contact Rebecca Moden at 571-432-0332 to discuss)

    Estimated time commitment

    • Term length: four years (October 1, 2024 - September 30, 2028)
    • In-person meetings: 5 days per year (Two 2.5-day meetings plus travel time)
    • Virtual meetings: 10 hours per year (on an as-needed basis)
    • Meeting preparations: 20 hours per year


    The Exam Committee is comprised of four subcommittees based on the four sections of the exam:


    Inventory, Analysis and Project Management

    • 8-member committee
    • 100-question test

    Content Areas:

    • Project Management
    • Inventory & Data Collection
    • Stakeholder Engagement Process
    • Physical Analysis
    • Contextual Analysis

    Available seats: 1


    Planning and Design

    • 8-member committee
    • 95-question test

    Content Areas:

    • Stewardship & Design Principles
    • Master Planning
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development

    Construction Documentation and Administration

    • 8-member committee
    • 100-question test

    Content Areas:

    • Construction Plans & Details
    • Construction Specifications & Bidding
    • Construction Administration

    Available seats: 3


    Grading, Drainage and Stormwater Management

    • 8-member committee
    • 80-question test

    Content Areas:

    • Stormwater Management
    • Grading & Earthwork
    • Drainage Systems

    Available seats: 2


    What to expect as a volunteer

    • Training on how to create exam content
    • Collaboration with other committee members on content development
    • Access to resources for content development
    • Broader network of landscape architects and lifelong friendships

    CLARB's expectations for volunteers

    • An open mind to understanding to different perspectives
    • Active engagement through content development and collaboration with peers
    • Timely completion of requests such as booking travel or completing homework
    • Regular attendance at meetings

    Software proficiency

    Members of the Exam Writing Committee must be proficient in Autocad or other drafting programs and Adobe Photoshop.

    Volunteers are expected to use these tools to independently create and edit graphics. All sections of the exam are computer-based and consist of objective items (multiple choice, multiple response and advanced item types).

    Exam Committee


    CLARB seeks volunteers who exhibit leadership competencies aligned with the organization's values:
    • Lead with Vision: Planning for the future with creativity, wisdom, and foresight.
    • Act with Integrity: Operating with transparency and in alignment with our values and principles.
    • Demonstrate Thought Leadership: Building trust and influence within our community.
    • Aspire to Excellence: Striving for continuous improvement through learning, growth, and development.
    • Foster Inclusive Community: Cultivating meaningful connections among our stakeholders.
    • Engage as Stewards: Managing the organization’s resources and mission with care and respect.
    • Design Collaboratively: Engaging stakeholders and partners to develop and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

    Resources for prospective committee members

    Investing in leadership

    We believe that investing in our volunteer leadership is one of the best ways to ensure the future success of our organization. Strong leadership empowers CLARB's vision, mission and values. CLARB is committed to providing volunteers with the resources and support they need to be successful, so we offer a robust leadership development program.


    Volunteer travel expenses are funded by CLARB, including:

    • Airfare
    • Ground transportation and parking
    • Lodging
    • Meals

    Tentative meeting schedule

    While schedules change from year to year, a typical year includes two 2.5-day in-person meetings in February/March and September and about 10 total hours of virtual meetings as needed.

    Dates and locations are not yet final but will be provided at the start of each fiscal year.


    FY 2025

    October 1, 2024-September 30, 2025

    Meeting dateLocation

    February or March 2025


    September 2025

    TBD (Region 2)

    FY 2026

    October 1, 2025-September 30, 2026

    Meeting dateLocation

    February or March 2026


    September 2026

    TBD (Region 3)

    FY 2027

    October 1, 2026-September 30, 2027

    Meeting dateLocation

    February or March 2027


    September 2027

    TBD (Region 4)

    Application & appointment timeline

    Call for applications:  May - July

    Interviews, reference checks:  July

    New members appointed:  August

    Terms begin:  October 1, 2024

    Terms end: September 30, 2028


    Exam Committee

    ryan collins 150x200

    "Working on the Exam Committee was so much more fun than I had expected it to be! I knew it would be intellectually stimulating and rigorous, but the people you meet are simply the best — from all over the continent with different types of experience, and so willing to share thoughts in a positive and progress-minded way."

    Ryan Collins
    Former Exam Committee Member

    Rybczynski headshot

    "My primary goal for volunteering on the Exam Committee was a desire to see the L.A.R.E. evolve in step with our profession. What I didn't realize was how much I would learn and grow in the process."  

    Carrie Rybczynski
    Former Exam Committee Member


    "I volunteered because I believe in mentorship, growing the profession, engagement across disciplines, and the importance of giving back to a field that has given our communities so much."

    Edward Kinney
    Former LAC Member and Current Director-at-Large



    Exam Committee

    Get involved

    Complete the candidate interest form
    by July 31, 2024.

    Terms begin October 1, 2024.

    If you have questions about joining CLARB's Exam Committee, please contact:

    Shawn Menefee Jr.
    Records Services Senior Coordinator