Serve on CLARB's Member Board Executives Committee

The Member Board Executives (MBE) Committee provides board executive input to the organization's goals, strategy and work by reviewing and providing feedback on key projects. In addition to supporting staff in the development of member events and the Annual Meeting, the Committee also provides critical input into CLARB’s initiatives.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Identify opportunities to engage and build community within the MBE network 
    • Partner with staff to identify opportunities to educate and develop members on relevant and timely issues  
    • Provide input on proposed changes to policies, procedures and standards
    • Partner with staff to develop, refine and validate themes, topics, formats and content for member events
    • Other charges as assigned

    Annual applications now open

    MBE Committee

    Resources for prospective volunteers

    Estimated time commitment

    • In-person meetings: One 2- to 3-day meeting in early-to-mid December
    • Monthly virtual meetings: 10-12 hours per year
    • Meeting preparations: 25 hours per year
    • Service length: 3-year term (October 1, 2024 - September 30, 2027)


    Volunteer travel expenses are funded by CLARB, including:

    • Airfare
    • Ground transportation and parking
    • Lodging
    • Meals

    Investing in leadership

    We believe that investing in our volunteer leadership is one of the best ways to ensure the future success of our organization. Strong leadership empowers CLARB's vision, mission and values. CLARB is committed to providing volunteers with the resources and support they need to be successful, so we offer a robust leadership development program.

    “I have so enjoyed my time on the CLARB MBE committee. It has been rare opportunity for an MBE to have a real impact on landscape architecture regulation, as the committee’s opinion and input in sought on a variety of CLARB matters. The CLARB culture is so inclusive that all opinions and experiences are welcomed and encouraged. I cannot think of a more thoughtful, innovative, and FUN team to be a part of!”

    Shannon Himes
    Executive Director
    Ohio Landscape Architects Board

    "I sincerely enjoyed my service to the CLARB Member Board Executives Committee. CLARB recognizes and utilizes the strengths of this committee to provide input on board initiatives, council policies, and committee recommendations. The work we do is important and critical to CLARB’s mission and strategic framework. The interaction with the other committee members has been so fulfilling and rewarding."

    Emily Cronbaugh
    Executive Director
    Wyoming Board of Architects and Landscape Architects

    "I am really enjoying my service on CLARB’s MBE Committee.  CLARB values its volunteers, and gives them substantive issues to work on.  I feel like the work we do is meaningful and I appreciate being able to give back to CLARB.  Its also a great opportunity to get to know other MBES and learn more about how their programs operate."

    Laura Zuniga
    Executive Officer
    California Architects Board


    CLARB seeks MBE Committee members who exhibit leadership competencies aligned with the organization's values:

    • Lead with Vision: Planning for the future with creativity, wisdom, and foresight.
    • Act with Integrity: Operating with transparency and in alignment with our values and principles.
    • Demonstrate Thought Leadership: Building trust and influence within our community.
    • Aspire to Excellence: Striving for continuous improvement through learning, growth, and development.
    • Foster Inclusive Community: Cultivating meaningful connections among our stakeholders.
    • Engage as Stewards: Managing the organization’s resources and mission with care and respect.
    • Design Collaboratively: Engaging stakeholders and partners to develop and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

    MBE Committee

    Complete the candidate interest form by August 31, 2024.

    Terms begin October 1, 2024.

    Please contact:

    Rachael Luu
    Membership and Events Coordinator