CLARB 2.0 Strategic Framework

The CLARB Board of Directors have been working since 2020 on a new strategic framework. Adopted in March 2022, the new framework shown below outlines the environment, the impact, and the outcomes that CLARB expects to experience in the next five years.  We have articulated an envisioned future that fulfills CLARB’s mission and governing intent, we have defined measurable objectives that indicate progress toward, and achievement of, the envisioned future; and developed a roadmap to guide our work, our strategic discussions and learning at Board meetings, leadership recruitment and selection, resource allocation, and short and long-term planning. 


Our CLARB 2.0 Story in Illustration Format

CLARB 2 Illustration

Our Values

Lead with Vision: Planning for the future with creativity, wisdom, and foresight.
Act with Integrity: Operating with transparency and in alignment with our values and principles.
Demonstrate Thought Leadership: Building trust and influence within our community.
Aspire to Excellence: Striving for continuous improvement through learning, growth, and development.
Foster Inclusive Community: Cultivating meaningful connections among our stakeholders.
Engage as Stewards: Managing the organization’s resources and mission with care and respect.
Design Collaboratively: Engaging stakeholders and partners to develop and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.