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CLARB Leadership Expectations

CLARB’s vision is that the world's people, places and environment are protected by landscape architecture.
Our mission is to design and promote landscape architecture standards.   

Our core values include leading with vision, acting with integrity, demonstrating thought leadership, aspiring to excellence, fostering an inclusive community, engaging as stewards and designing collaboratively. CLARB’s leaders support this by:

  • Providing direction for the organization
  • Ensuring that sufficient resources are allocated to accomplish its goals
  • Ensuring that adequate progress is being made toward its goals
  • Serving as an ambassador for the organization

There are many benefits of CLARB leadership:

  • Pride and satisfaction of meaningful service to the public and the profession
  • Broadening/deepening of leadership skills
  • Satisfaction of investing time and energy to ensure a bright future for the organization
  • Enjoyable experience with a smart, dedicated, diverse collection of professionals
  • Recognition for contributions
  • Pride of helping to lead an organization that has a growing global reputation for excellence and leadership


What a leader can expect from CLARB:

  • Good information – volunteers and staff work hard to ensure that the CLARB leadership has access to timely, accurate and relevant information on which to base decision making
  • Supportive environment – staff and leadership work collaboratively in a supportive environment
  • Professional staff – CLARB’s dedicated staff is available to support the leadership and implement its decisions
  • Access to best practices – the CLARB leadership has access to best practices in governance, strategic and financial planning
  • CLARB covers expenses – the organization covers all expenses associated with travel for Board-related purposes

What CLARB expects from its leaders and volunteers: 

  • Come prepared, openminded and with a willingness to learn
  • Speak up and tell us “why"
  • Stay informed between meetings and complete tasks as assigned
  • Be an advocate for CLARB decisions and the team
  • Contribute to a successful experience



Desired Competencies for Leadership

Based on guidance from the Board of Directors, the following criteria are used to evaluate candidates for volunteer positions: 

  • Lead with vision​ - Planning for the future with creativity, wisdom, and foresight.​  ​
  • Act with integrity - Operating with transparency and in alignment with our values and principles. ​
  • Demonstrate thought leadership​ - Building trust and influence within our community.​  ​
  • Aspire to excellence​ - Striving for continuous improvement through learning, growth, and development. ​  ​
  • Engage as stewards​ - Managing CLARB’s resources and mission with care and respect.​ Good stewards leave the organization better than when they joined. ​
  • Work collaboratively​ - Engaging stakeholders and partners to develop and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. ​  ​
  • Foster inclusive community​ - Cultivating meaningful connections among our stakeholders. ​

Additionally, the Board has identified the following perspectives as future leadership needs of the organization:

  • Member Board Executive (MBE) perspective – a valued perspective that brings knowledge of the unique challenges of this community and is invaluable for advancing regulation outcomes. 
  • Global perspective – practices (educated and trained outside the United States or Canada) in a different regulatory environment or does not have a regulatory framework; may help us build relationships with IFLA or other global partners. 
  • Large multi-discipline firm – experience in international work; can help CLARB better understand challenges to employees to serve in volunteer roles, may be employing internationally educated/trained employees, has offices in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Influencer – a natural advocate that can communicate the CLARB story, promote CLARB and make connection to the CLARB 2.0 story.
  • Canadian perspective – Canada has a completely different licensure system. Having this perspective represented on the Board may help implementation of the Uniform Standard in Canada, as well as the international (and current member) perspective.

Leadership Responsibilities 

Board of Directors 

The CLARB Board of Directors is responsible for setting organizational direction, allocating adequate resources to achieve its goals and ensuring that sufficient progress is being made. They exercise fiduciary responsibility of the organization’s resources and establish strategy and policy.

As part of the Board of Directors, officers are required to:

  • Set direction through strategic priorities and governance policies
  • Ensure resources through thoughtful planning
  • Provide oversight in performance monitoring and authority
  • Develop relationships with board members and volunteers
  • Champion CLARB through external relationships
  • Come prepared for service and actively participate in all meetings related to elected/appointed position
  • Click here to learn more about the Board of Directors responsibilities and time commitments.

*All dates listed are the typical CLARB meeting schedule and are subject to change.

Leadership Advisory Council

In order to create and maintain a complete list of all candidates for leadership positions, assess the nominations for qualified nominees for elected and appointed office and produce a slate of qualified nominees, members of the Leadership Advisory Council will: