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CLARB Leadership Expectations

CLARB’s core purpose is to provide uniform standards of competency to practice landscape architecture. 

Our core values include integrity, collaboration, stewardship and protection of the public’s health, safety and welfare. CLARB’s leaders support this by:

  • Providing direction for the organization
  • Ensuring that sufficient resources are allocated to accomplish its goals
  • Ensuring that adequate progress is being made toward its goals
  • Serving as an ambassador for the organization


There are many benefits of CLARB leadership:

  • Pride and satisfaction of meaningful service to the public and the profession
  • Broadening/deepening of leadership skills
  • Satisfaction of investing time and energy to ensure a bright future for the organization
  • Enjoyable experience with a smart, dedicated, diverse collection of professionals
  • Recognition for contributions
  • Pride of helping to lead an organization that has a growing global reputation for excellence and leadership


What a leader can expect from CLARB:

  • Good information – volunteers and staff work hard to ensure that the CLARB leadership has access to timely, accurate and relevant information on which to base decision making
  • Supportive environment – staff and leadership work collaboratively in a supportive environment
  • Professional staff – CLARB’s dedicated staff is available to support the leadership and implement its decisions
  • Access to best practices – the CLARB leadership has access to best practices in governance, strategic and financial planning
  • CLARB covers expenses – the organization covers all expenses associated with travel for Board-related purposes

What CLARB expects from its leaders and volunteers: 

  • Prepare for and attend all meetings
  • Engage in dialog and deliberation with an open mind
  • Make decisions in the best interests of CLARB 
  • Publicly support the actions and decisions of the Board