Apply for Licensure Using Your Council Record

Apply_check licensure requirements

1. Check the Eligibility Requirements for Your Jurisdiction

Where do you wish to become licensed? Use CLARB’s eligibility map to view your jurisdiction’s licensure requirements and contact information. Each jurisdiction sets its own requirements for licensure and may change requirements at any time. It is always advisable to check with the jurisdiction where you wish to become licensed to confirm requirements.

2. Apply for Licensure Using Your Council Record

Complete your Council Record and ensure it is active and that all information has been verified by CLARB. Once all information is verified, you may transmit your Council Record to the licensure board in the jurisdiction where you are seeking licensure. CLARB strives to transmit complete Council Records within 5-7 business days, or 10-14 business days during periods of high volume (i.e. within 4 weeks of exam results release). A complete Council Record requires current employment to be updated/verified within the last 3 months. However, if this is not sufficient for your needs, expedited service is available. If you need to verify that your Council Record is ready for transmittal, please contact CLARB

Please visit the Council Record Fees page to view all Council Record transmittal fees.

Note:  All fees are listed in U.S. dollars, are subject to change and non-refundable unless otherwise noted. Renewals are annual based on your anniversary date and not the calendar year.

Apply_contact your board

3. Contact Your Licensure Board to Finalize Your Application

Contact the licensure board to ensure your Council Record was received and ask if you need to complete any additional Board application requirements for licensure. It is your responsibility to check with the licensure board to determine all requirements for licensure. 

Apply_update your CR

4. Update Your Council Record Once Licensed

Once you receive your licensure, update your Council Record with your registration information. Maintaining a complete Council Record enables you to be evaluated for CLARB Certification, an important, industry-recognized credential that will help you obtain licensure more quickly—a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

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