Get recognized with CLARB Certification

CLARB Certification is the industry stamp of approval that says you meet the high standards set by CLARB, making licensure a breeze.

This formal recognition demonstrates that your education, experience and examination meet or exceed the standards approved by CLARB's Board of Directors. These standards are aligned with the CLARB Uniform Licensure Standard for Landscape Architecture and are recommended internationally as the standard for licensure.  

CLARB recommends to all Member Boards or governing bodies that a CLARB Certified Record Holder be granted licensure or registration without further review.

Unlock the benefits  

  • Gain a competitive edge: Earn the title of "CLARB Certified Landscape Architect" and proudly display the logo on your website, social media platforms and marketing materials.
  • Expand your reach: Easily pursue business opportunities across different jurisdictions with a streamlined licensure process. 
  • Fast-track to licensure: Certification demonstrates your adherence to professional standards and accelerates the reciprocal licensure process. 

Becoming CLARB Certified is simple 

  • Complete and maintain an active, verified Council Record – we'll handle the rest!
  • Once eligible, you'll be notified by email, and you can proudly use the "CLARB Certified Landscape Architect" title and logo in your marketing materials (e.g., John Doe, PLA., CLARB).
  • You may also request CLARB Certification by sending an email to anytime. There is no additional cost to obtain CLARB Certification. 


Experience the professional advantage with CLARB Certification 

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