Important Information: L.A.R.E. Online Proctoring

Your online proctored L.A.R.E. section appointment is fast approaching.  Please follow the instructions and tips below when launching your exam to ensure an easy check-in process. 

Online Proctoring Instructions:

  •  Use a personal computer not a work computer. 
    • If you must use a work computer, make sure that you have administrator rights in order to be able to have the most control of the computer.
  • Make sure you run your system check.
  • Review the check in process
  • Day of the exam – launch steps:
    • Login on the CLARB website here – also found on the CLARB homepage. 
    • Select Launch My Exam
    • Select Manage
    • Select Exam
    • Select Launch*

*Your launch will be available 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. We encourage you to launch at the 30-minute mark to allow time to move through the check-in and security check process.


CLARB has identified some frequent questions or concerns candidates have run into while taking their exams. Please review these so you are prepared for your exam on your scheduled date. 

  • Be sure you are using Chrome
  • Taking A Break –  
    • Finalize your answers – You cannot go back to any questions you have seen after you return from your break.
    • Chat the Proctor and obtain approval for your break 
    • Confirm Yes for your Break using the Take a Break button on the exam
  • If possible, your camera should have auto focus – you must be able to submit a clear photo of your ID, if you are unable to submit a clear photo the proctor may require that they review your ID live through your webcam as part of the check-in process
  • Your desk and workspace must be clear from clutter and unnecessary items
  • Be sure to close all programs – use the Task Manager to end all tasks that are not necessary. Some tasks run in the background and may not appear in your Task Manager – under Process – select the Details tab and check there – you may also have to check in your Processes and Start Ups Tab – you must be able to shut these programs down. 
    • Please note that computers with multiple user logins may have programs running in the background associated with a different user profile that you will not be able to shut down. Be sure to shut down and restart your computer before attempting to launch your exam to help with this issue. 
  • Call PSI Technical Support if you run into technical issues when taking your exam via online proctoring. If you need to open a candidate service issue email PSI at the candidate services email below.  
  • Call CLARB Support if you have any issues during your exam so that we can ensure that the issue is resolved, and you are able to reschedule if necessary. 


I cannot see the graphic images on my exam questions?

  • Your exam should be launched in Chrome. The exam will not display properly in any program other than Chrome. 

The PSI online secure browser proctoring system says that I have multiple programs open, but I don’t. 

  • There are many programs that may continue to run in the background even after you think you have closed them. Under the Task Manager tab be sure to check under the Processes section and under the Details sections that you have successfully closed all programs. BEST PRACTICE: Shut down and restart your computer just prior to taking your exam to help shut down background programs prior to your test. 
  • Example Task Manager Image:
Online proctor- task manager

Who can I call during my exam if I have technical issues?

  • Use the chat feature to connect with the proctor during your exam.
  • Call PSI’s toll-free technical support line at +1 (844) 267 1017

I have issues during my exam and was unable to test. What do I do?