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Use the chart below to better understand eligibility requirements for all sections of the L.A.R.E.

As an exam candidate, it is your responsibility to contact the licensure/regulatory board in the jurisdiction where you want to become initially licensed to confirm exam and licensure eligibility and requirements.  Some jurisdictions require you to be pre-approved, for example, before you can register for the exam.  



CLARB administers all sections of the L.A.R.E.
on behalf of all licensure/regulatory boards.


If Exam Candidate Meets CLARB's Eligibility Requirements, Exam Candidate May Register for Sections 1-4 at www.clarb.org without Contacting the Licensure or Regulatory Board

Exam Candidate Must Get Pre-Approval From Licensure or Regulatory Board BEFORE Registering for Sections 1-4 at www.clarb.org 

Exam Candidate May Take Sections 1 and 2 Immediately After Graduating From an LAAB or LAAC Accredited Program and Receiving an Undergraduate or Graduate Degree in Landscape Architecture (no work experience required before taking Sections 1 and 2)


Jurisdiction Where You Are Seeking Initial Licensure
Alabama Yes No Yes
Alaska No Yes No
Alberta Yes No Yes
Arizona Yes No Yes
Arkansas No


British Columbia No Yes Check with board
California No Yes Check with board
Colorado Yes No Yes
Connecticut Yes No Yes
Delaware Yes No Yes
Florida Yes No Yes
Georgia No Yes Check with board
Hawaii No Yes Check with board
Idaho Yes No Yes
Illinois Yes No Yes
Indiana Yes No Yes
Iowa Yes No Yes
Kentucky Yes No Yes
Kansas Yes No Yes
Louisiana Yes No Yes
Maine Yes No Yes
Maryland No Yes Check with board
Massachusetts No Yes Check with board
Michigan Yes No Yes
Minnesota Yes No Yes
Mississippi Yes No Yes
Missouri Yes No Yes
Montana Yes No Yes
Nebraska Yes No Yes
Nevada Yes No Yes
New Hampshire No Yes Check with board
New Jersey Yes No Yes
New Mexico Yes No Yes
New York Yes No Yes
North Carolina Yes No Yes
North Dakota Yes No Yes
Ohio Yes No Yes
Oklahoma No Yes Check with board
Ontario Yes No Yes
Oregon No Yes Check with board
Pennsylvania No Yes No
Puerto Rico Yes No Yes
Rhode Island Yes No Yes
South Carolina No Yes Check with board
South Dakota Yes No Yes
Tennessee No Yes Check with board
Texas No Yes Check with board
Utah Yes No Yes
Virginia No Yes Check with board
Washington Yes No Yes
West Virginia Yes No Yes
Wisconsin No Yes Check with board
Wyoming Yes No Yes