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Study Reference List (updated July 9, 2012)

The following is a reference material list that has been prepared by the CLARB Examination Committee 

While the committee believes that mastery of the topics dealt with in the volumes on this list will be of assistance to you in preparing for the L.A.R.E., no representation is made that mastery of the topics dealt with by these volumes will ensure a passing grade on the examination, and no representation is made that the examination questions will be limited in scope to topics dealt with by the volumes contained on this list.

Candidates are not expected to review all of the books on this list, as subject areas may be covered by several references. CLARB in no way guarantees that the contents of these references are accurate.

Section 1 — Project and Construction Management

Section 2 — Inventory and Analysis

Section 3 — Design

Section 4 — Grading, Drainage and Construction Documentation