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Current Administration Dates and Deadlines

 Registration will be open 
September 10 - November 30.

Cancellation deadline: November 30

Registration will be open September 10 - November 30

Cancellation deadline: November 30

December Exam Fees:

Sections 1 (Project and Construction Management) and Section 2 (Inventory and Analysis):  $365 per section

Sections 3 (Design) and Section 4 (Grading, Drainage and Construction Documentation):  $570 per section

Note:  All fees are in U.S. dollars, subject to change and non-refundable unless otherwise noted.

2019 Administration Dates and Deadlines

 Registration will be open 
January 2 - March 22.

Cancellation deadline: March 22
 Registration will be open 
May 6 - July 26.

Cancellation deadline: July 26
 Registration will be open 
September 3 - November 22.

Cancellation deadline: November 22

Future administration dates and deadlines are subject to change.

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