Results are reported as pass or fail and will be available 6 weeks following the last day of each administration. We will notify candidates via email when results are ready to be viewed. We will also post a message on the website homepage and on Facebook and Twitter.

August exam results are now available. 

Please login to your CLARB user profile to view exam results.

Pass Rates

Each section of the exam is passed or failed independently of the other sections. Candidates retain credit for sections passed and are only required to retake failed sections unless the jurisdiction has a time limit restriction for completing the exam.

In most jurisdictions, candidates can begin the exam process immediately after graduation. Research suggests candidates have greater success on Sections 1 & 2 when taken closer to graduation. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to pass on your first attempt. So start as soon as you graduate!

Exam passing rates from the last two years:

   Section 1  Section 2 Section 3  Section 4 
 2017 August  72%  72%  70%  69%
 2017 April  73%  74%  70%  63% 
 2016 December  71%  75%  74%  66%
 2016 August  70%  77%  79%  64%
 2016 April   72%  72%  72%  61%
 2015 December   76%  74%   72%  63%

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