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About the Foundation
Design Competition

The submission deadline has passed. Stay tuned for an announcement in August about the competition results.


The Landscape Architectural Registration Boards Foundation is awarding $10,000 to the winner of this year’s competition.


Landscape architecture is regulated by law in 50 U.S. states, three Canadian provinces and Puerto Rico because of the profession’s impact on the public’s health, safety and welfare. The impact of practice on welfare is one of the most important yet the least understood.

New for 2015, the challenge is not your average landscape architecture project! Entries should effectively communicate to the public (non-landscape architects) about one or more of the seven impacts of landscape architecture on welfare as identified in the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Board’s (CLARB) “Landscape Architecture and Public Welfare” research. (An executive summary of the research is also available.) 


This year’s entries are not limited by the type of format and will be judged on the following criteria:


  • Ease of sharing with the general public
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
  • Conciseness
  • Persuasiveness

Think outside the landscape architecture box and get creative! Some examples of what the judges are looking for include:

  • An infographic
  • A pamphlet
  • A presentation
  • A video

The judging panel will be made up of landscape architect and communications professionals, including representatives from the Landscape Architecture Foundation, which supports the preservation, improvement and enhancement of the environment to increase our collective capacity to achieve sustainability. 

The competition is open to junior and senior undergraduate or post-graduate students in landscape architecture. Entries may be submitted by individuals or groups; for entries submitted by a group, non-landscape architecture students may be members of the group but a landscape architecture student must submit the entry.

Submissions, which become the property of CLARB, should be sent to Missy Sutton at msutton@clarb.org or 1840 Michael Faraday Drive, Suite 200, Reston, VA 20190 no later than May 31, 2015. There is no fee to enter. Contestants must include a completed submission form. The winner will be announced in August 2015 and the prize will be awarded in September 2015.

The Wayne Grace Memorial Student Competition is funded by The Landscape Architectural Registration Boards Foundation, which supports landscape architecture education and research.


 About Wayne Grace

This competition honors Wayne Grace who dedicated himself to improving quality of life through the conscientious practice of landscape architecture, and he worked tirelessly to advance the cause of licensure across the U.S. and Canada.

 Exclusively for Students

CLARB has a special section on its website to help landscape architecture students learn about the path to licensure. Check it out!


Contact Missy Sutton at CLARB via: