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As a result of the recent task analysis research, advancements in testing technology and evolution of the marketplace the L.A.R.E. will be changing in late 2012. Changes to the exam will include: 

 Five to four sections. - This modest structural change will better align the content of the L.A.R.E. with current practice.  For full details on the structure of the new exam and the equivalency between the current and new exam, please view the L.A.R.E. Transition Chart.  

Full computer based testing - By December 2012 all four sections will be delivered by computer to improve relevance, reliability, and accessibility.  For additional information on the computerization of the current graphic sections, please view the Frequently Asked Questions.

Transition Timeline
While the exam won’t be changing for some time, CLARB wants to ensure that candidates are aware of the upcoming changes and to provide ample opportunity for completion of the current exam sections prior to the transition in 2012.


CLARB encourages candidates currently in the exam process to complete all sections of the current exam by the June 2012 administration to ensure that they receive credit for sections they have passed.  The L.A.R.E. Transition Chart identifies the ways that the existing exam sections will transition to the new exam. CLARB staff is also ready to assist candidates through the transition process and to help them develop a plan for completing the exams and obtaining initial licensure prior to the transition.  Please don’t hesitate to contact CLARB.

Prospective licensees are also encouraged to begin the exam process as soon as possible as there is ample time to complete all sections of the current exam prior to transitioning to the new exam in late 2012.

Completing all sections by June 2012 will also result in savings to candidates as well.  The per-section cost of the new exam will increase as total costs are spread across four sections instead of five.

CLARB is Here to Help
Please do not hesitate to contact CLARB if you need assistance or have additional questions.  You may reach CLARB via phone (571-432-0332) and email.  The CLARB staff is available to help you Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time. 


 Additional Information