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 About CLARB

The Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB) is dedicated to ensuring that all individuals who affect the natural and built environment through the practice of landscape architecture are sufficiently qualified to do so.

CLARB's members include the licensure boards in 48 states, three Canadian provinces and the territory of Puerto Rico that regulate the profession of landscape architecture.

CLARB and its members work together to establish standards for education, experience and examination required for the professional licensure of landscape architects. We also help current and future practitioners understand, obtain and maintain the knowledge, skills and abilities required to practice the profession safely.

CLARB provides a vital public protection service through the preparation, administration and scoring of the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (L.A.R.E.). This examination determines whether applicants for landscape architectural licensure are able to provide landscape architectural services without endangering the health, safety and welfare of the public.

We also strive to ensure that the public has access to the services of as many competent design professionals as possible by supporting licensure efforts and reducing the barriers to interstate and international practice. To this end, CLARB manages a professional certification program, through which landscape architects can document and verify their education, experience, examination and licensure history, thereby streamlining the licensure and reciprocal registration processes.

As a non-profit association, CLARB relies heavily on volunteers to provide many of our services to the profession and the public. These volunteers spend countless hours developing and grading examinations, serving on committees, establishing policy and providing governance for the organization. The dedication of these professionals not only allows CLARB to accomplish our goals, but it also allows CLARB to provide products and services at fees well below true market value.


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